Warranty & Service

Warranty Policy

*One Year Limited Warranty * You can rest assured.
All products ,Professional & Industrial Air Tools, from Pneuforce are warranted under the normal operation pressure at 90PSI / 6.2 bar /6.3 kg/cm2. Please be noted the warranty is no more valid once the products or components are misused, improper use, modified and incorrect maintenance by users. Additionally, the consuming components (O-rings, gaskets, blades, bearings and driven components….etc.) are also not covered within warranty policy. We have the rights to verify and judge the returned defective products provided by clients.

Safety Guidelines & Operating Instructions

Please ensure reading these Safety Guidelines carefully.
•Disconnect tools with air or electricity when you do not operate the tool. Make certain the tool has stopped before moving to a different location.
•Safety goggles or a face shield must be worn when operating the tools.
•Wear hearing protection and other protective equipment during work time.
•Make sure the air pressure, hose size , length or electricity are in accordance to the recommended setting.
•Avoid excessive pressure (90PSI or 6.2bar) is the right pressure for air tools.
•Engaging the fastening application with the drive socket or bit rotating before starting the tools.
•Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry or rings and keep long hair away from the tool. Avoid direct skin contact with lubricants, grease or adhesives.
•Keep tools away from small children. Only qualified and trained personnel can operate the tools.

Daily inspection:
• Visual inspection of air supply hose and connections.
• Inspect all external tool components carefully.
• Inspect the drive socket or other accessories for cracks or damage.
• Make sure the drive socket or accessory is securely mounted in deed.
• Check the tool for excessive vibration or noise. Stop using tools when strange noise comes out from tool inside.
• Make sure the air inlet adapter is securely tightened.
• Make sure all tool fasteners are properly tightened.

Weekly sooner inspection if needed:
• Inspect the air supply hose for damage.
• Check individual parts and replace as necessary.
• Replace all O-ring and seals.
• Inspect any guards (if equipped) for damage.

Please comply with each instruction before operating tools in the working area.
Air Tools are made by steels and driven by air, so having a stable air supply system and dry air are very imperative. The equipment of air compressor, dryer,
air tank and F.R.I are also necessary in your working area before you begin to use air tools.

1.A powerful and low noise compressor: you have to know the air consumptions of your air tools (CFM) and then select the compressor.
The storage of air tank is necessary and important.

2.Recommended to install a F.RI unit (Water Filter, Air Pressure Regulator, Lubricator) in your working area. Water Filter can remove the moisture from compressor and keep the tool no-rusty. Regulate Air Pressure in 90PSI / 6.2bar for tools in good condition. Lubricator adds oil regularly into your inside tool components making your tools run smoothly to extend its life.

3.Use a hose that meets the recommended specification given to connect the air tool and compressor. Ensure the hose is durable, good without worn & knot.

4.Lubricate the air tool by applying a small amount of spindle oil into the air inlet. Run the air tool for 5 seconds to allow the oil to circulate.

5.Stop working when hearing strange noise from the tool inside.