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Model No.: 4954/4954R, 4" or 5" Air Angle Grinder (0.9HP/670W ), 13,500RPM

4" or 5" Air Angle Grinder (0.9HP/670W), 13,500RPM

Model No.: 4954 / 4954R / 4955 / 4955R


Designed for removing rust , smoothing welds, deburring and bending of metalwork
Ideal for smoothing welds, bending of metalwork, grinding down burrs and rough edges
Applicable for all kinds of workshop and body shop
0.9HP / 670W, Front Side Exhaust
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Catalog of Industrial Air Angle Grinder (839 KB)
Magnesium-Aluminum alloy housing
Powerful and sharp grinding for tough assignment
Angle head allows flexibility for grinding in confined areas (Head Height: 77 mm)
Spiral bevel gearing in angle head provided extended life and smooth power
Speed governor mechanism avoids overloaded air pressure
Removable side handle to be mounted for more precision and comfortable control
Self-Locking Lever to prevent accident start ups
Roll Valve design provides the convenience of long-time grinding jobs
Either of 4954 / 4955 (Self-Locking Lever) or 4954R / 4955R (Roll Valve) for option

4954 - 4" Air Angle Grinder (Self-Locking Lever)
4954R - 4" Air Angle Grinder (Roll Valve)
4955 - 5" Air Angle Grinder (Self-Locking Lever)
4955R - 5" Air Angle Grinder (Roll Valve)

4" or 5" Air Angle Grinder

Model No.

4954 / 4954R & 4955 / 4955R

Free Speed

13,500 RPM

Horse Power

0.9HP / 670W

Grinding Wheel

100(W)x6(H)x16(D)mm or 4(W)x1/4(H)x5/8(D)"
125(W)x6(H)x22(D)mm or 5(W)x1/4(H)x7/8(D)"

Spindle Thread Size

M8x1.25 or M10x1.5 (Model No.: 4954 / 4954R)
M8x1.25 or M14x2.0 (Model No.: 4955 / 4955R)

Flange of Central Hole

 16 mm / 5/8" (Model No.: 4954  / 4954R)
22 mm / 7/8" (Model No.: 4955 / 4955R)

Average Air Consumption

5.6CFM [158.6 L/min]


266mm (10.5 in.) / 218mm (8.6 in.)

Net Weight

2.1kg [4.6 lbs.] / 1.8kg [4.0 lbs.]

Air Inlet


Air Pressure

90PSI [6.3 kg/cm²]

Packing Information
Model No.: 4954 / 4955, Packing: 6PCS/CTN, N.W.: 17KG, G.W.: 18KG, CUFT: 2.2’
Model No.: 4954R / 4955R, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 21KG, G.W.: 22KG, CUFT: 2.2’
Grinding Wheel is NOT included with the tool