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Air Sander & Polisher

Model No.: 8305 / 8306S / 8306P, 3" High Speed Air Sander, Random Orbital Sander & Polisher, 15,000RPM / 2,500RPM (0.3HP/224W)

3" High Speed Air Sander, Random Orbital Sander & Polisher, 15,000RPM / 2,500RPM (0.3HP/224W)

Model No.: 8305 / 8306S / 8306P


Designed for light sanding, feather edging and rust removal (Model No.: 8305)
Designed for polishing paint, metal and wood to a smooth, flawless finish (Model No.: 8306S / 8306P)
Ideal for sanding, polishing & buffing flat & contoured surfaces (Model No.: 8306S / 8306P)
Applicable for all kinds of workshop and body shop
Handle Exhaust
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Catalog of High Speed Air Sander, Random Orbital Sander & Polisher (900 KB)
Compact and economical for better operation
Gearless mechanism offers extended life and have the durable operation
Suitable for spot repairs and hard to reach spots, paint removal & weld smoothing (Model No.: 8305)
Excellent for removing of small scratches, bubbles & small dust after surface paint (Model No.: 8306S / 8306P)
Adjustable regulator of variable speed control
Ergonomic and comfortable handle grip
Feather-touch trigger

Model No.: 8305 3" High Speed Air Sander (Free Speed: 15,000RPM)
Model No.: 8306S 3" Air Random Orbital Sander (Free Speed: 15,000RPM)
Model No.: 8306P 3" Air Polisher (Free Speed: 2,500RPM)

 3" High Speed Air Sander /  3" Random Orbital Sander / 3" Polisher

Model No.

8305 / 8306S / 8306P

Free Speed

15,000 RPM (Model No.: 8305 /8306S)
,500 RPM (Model No.: 8306P)

Pad Size

75mm / 3"

Horse Power

0.3HP / 224W

Spindle Thread Size

1/4"-20UNC (Model No.: 8305)
M6x1.0 (Model No.: 8306S / 8306P)

Orbital Diameter

2mm (3/32") (Model No.: 8306S)

Speed Reducer

3 gear, planetary (Model No.: 8306P)

Average Air Consumption

4CFM [ 113.3 L/min]


99mm (3.9 in.) / 108mm (4.3 in.) / 116mm (4.6 in.)

Net Weight

0.7kg [1.5 lbs.] / 0.75kg [1.7 lbs.] /  0.85kg [1.9 lbs.]

Air Inlet


Air Pressure

90PSI [6.3 kg/cm²]

Packing Information
Model No.: 8305, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 6.8KG, G.W.: 8.2KG, CUFT: 0.63’
Model No.: 8306S, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 7.1KG, G.W.: 9KG, CUFT: 0.63’
Model No.: 8306P, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 8.4KG, G.W.: 9.8KG, CUFT: 0.63’