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Air Sander & Polisher

Model No.: 8101 / 8102, Air Angle Spot Removal Sander or Air Finger Sander, 20,000RPM / 10,000RPM

Air Angle Spot Removal Sander or Air Finger Sander, 20,000RPM / 10,000RPM

Model No.: 8101 / 8102


Designed for nib sanding, polishing and buffing flat & contoured surfaces (Model No.: 8101)
Ideal for sanding nibs in small areas, quick spot repair, polishing and refinishing (Model No.: 8101)
Designed for the surface sanding in the narrow area (Model No.: 8102)
Ideal for finishing the corners and complicated curves (Model No.: 8101)
Applicable for all kinds of workshop and body shop
Rear Exhaust
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Catalog of Air Angle Removal Spot Sander & Air Finger Sander (1.1 MB)
Model No.: 8101, Air Angle Spot Removal Sander
Excellent for removing small scratches, bubbles and small dust after surface paint
Compact and ergonomic handle grip for easy operation
Angle head allows flexibility for sanding in confined areas
Spiral bevel gearing in angle head provided extended life and smooth power
Grease point on angle head for easy maintenance
Self-Locking Lever to prevent accidental start ups

Model No.: 8102, Air Finger Sander
Compact and easy to replace the pads
Equip with the regulator for speed control
Comes with 3 types of pads

Air Angle Spot Removal Sander /  Air Finger Sander

Model No.

8101 / 8102

Free Speed

 20,000 RPM (Model No.: 8101)
 10,000 RPM (Model No.: 8102)

Pad Size

30mm / 1.2" (Model No.: 8101)
22x50mm & 17x65mm 
(Model No.: 8102)

Orbit Diameter

3mm (1/8") - Model No.: 8101
3mm (1/8") or 1mm (1/32") - Model No.: 8102

Spindle Thread Size

5/16"-24UNF (Model No.: 8101)

Average Air Consumption

2.5CFM [70.8 L/min]


165mm ( 6.5 in.) / 152mm ( 6.0 in.)

Net Weight

0.8kg [1.8 lbs.]

Air Inlet


Air Pressure

90PSI [6.3 kg/cm²]

Packing Information
Model No.: 8101, Packing: 20PCS/CTN, N.W.: 14KG, G.W.: 15KG, CUFT: 1.3’
Model No.: 8102, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 8KG, G.W.: 9KG, CUFT: 1’