Product Line

Air Sander & Polisher

Model No.: 8600 / 8300, Straight Line or Jitterbug Orbital Air Sander, 2,300SPM / 8,000RPM
Model No.: 8600, Straight Line Air Sander
Smooth, quick and reliable reciprocating strokes
The two piston action keeps extra power in reserve to prevent stalling and tackle sanding jobs
Heavy duty needle bearings
Paper clamps for quick operation
Ergonomic handle and knob for better operation

Model No.: 8300, Jitterbug Orbital Air Sander
Compact, contoured palm-grip and paddle lever
Locking clamps for replacing sanding paper quickly
Built-in regulator for positive speed control

Straight Line Air Sander / Jitterbug Oribtal Air Sander

Model No.

8600 / 8300

Stroke Per Minute

2,300 SPM (Model No.:8600)
8,000 RPM 
(Model No.:8300)

Pad Size

408x64mm (15-3/4"x 2-3/4") - Model No. 8600
  93x171mm (3-2/3"x 6-3/4") - Model No. 8300

Average Air Consumption

2.3CFM [65.2 L/min] / 2CFM [56.7 L/min]


408mm (16.1 in.) / 175mm (6.9 in.)

Net Weight

3kg [6.6 lbs.] / 1.9kg [4.2 lbs.]

Air Inlet


Air Pressure

90PSI [6.3 kg/cm²]

Packing Information
Model No.: 8600, Packing: 5PCS/CTN, N.W.: 20KG, G.W.: 21KG, CUFT: 1.2’
Model No.: 8300, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 20KG, G.W.: 21KG, CUFT: 1.4’