Product Line

Air Sander & Polisher

Model No.: 8056SM 6" Composite Air Random Orbital Sander (Self-Vacuum) with Multi-Hole Velcro Pad, 12,000RPM
Composite body with soft cover grip for comfortable handling
Powerful and durable palm sander
Steel cylinder, front & end plate with heat treatment for durable and high quality use
Adjustable built-in regulator for positive speed control
Swivel hose adapter avoids twisting hose in operation
Either Vinyl Pad or Velcro Pad for option
Central-Vacuum (Model No.: 8056CM) & Self-Vacuum (Model No.: 8056SM) with Multi-Hole Pad is for mesh sandpaper

Model No.: 8055N 5" or 8056N 6" Air Random Orbital Sander (Non-Vacuum)
Model No.: 8055C 5" or 8056C 6" Air Random Orbital Sander (Central-Vacuum)
Model No.: 8055S 5" or 8056S 6" Air Random Orbital Sander (Self-Vacuum)

The option of orbit diameter for sanding
Ordinary Finish: 5mm ( 3/16")
Fine Finish: 2.5mm ( 3/32")

Non-Vacuum : The sander is without the function of vacuuming to collect debris & dust
Central-Vacuum : The sander needs an extra vacuum cleaner to collect debris & dust by connecting with vacuum hose
Self-Vacuum : The sander can automatically collects debris & dust by connecting with the vacuum hose and dust bag
(Self-Vacuum sander comes with vacuum hose and dust bag)

5" & 6" Composite Air Random Orbital Sander

Model No.

8055N/C/S & 8056N/C/S

Free Speed

12,000 RPM

Pad Size

125mm or 150mm / 5" or 6"

Orbit Diameter

2.5mm or 5mm / 3/32" or 3/16"

Spindle Thread Size


Average Air Consumption

2.5CFM [70.8 L/min]


155mm (6.1 in.) / 215mm (8.5 in.)

Net Weight

0.67kg [1.5 lbs.] / 0.87kg [1.9 lbs.]

Air Inlet


Air Pressure

90PSI [6.3 kg/cm²]

Packing Information
Model No.: 8055N / 8056N, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 10KG, G.W.: 11KG, CUFT: 2’
Model No.: 8055C / 8056C, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 12KG, G.W.:13KG, CUFT: 2’
Model No.: 8055S / 8056S, Packing: 10PCS/CTN, N.W.: 15KG, G.W.:16KG, CUFT: 2.5’